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 36 Year old DJ Will from Derby in the UK. I currently present a whole new sound on SOULRADIOUK.COM. Think deep musical textures spanning right across a wide range of JAZZ/SOUL/BRAZILIAN/DEEP HOUSE/ELECTRONIC & SOUNDTRACK, then you have a gist of what my FEEL THE VIBE SHOW is all about. An innovator who likes to push and break new boundaries with a fresh, original and unique audio landscape.

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DJ/Producer of House/electro and Breaks. Been Djing on and off since about '96 and producing since '99. I love everything about clubbing....the people, the clubs, the music, esp the music and the atmosphere. Nothing beats standing above a crowd of dancing, shouting ravers and feeding them more and more tunes as they bounce n sweat and scream! (I like DJing) :D

Marky V


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  At the age of 10 Marky V became fascinated with the new phenomenon called House. Listening to pirates broadcasting this music, he wanted to start his own radio show. When he was 12 he built his own station, broadcasting mixes from Dutch House DJ’s. Wondering if he could make a mix too, he picked up two old turntables started DJ-ing. After a few years broadcasting his own live mixes, he was asked to DJ in local clubs. Influenced by the skills of techno grandmasters Jeff Mills and Dave Clarke he played high energy sets on party’s with DJ’s like Bas Mooy, Laidback Luke and Benny Rodriques.

Years passed, and evolving his sound, others say he plays Electro and Progressive House. He doesn’t want to give his music a label. He like’s to call it party house. High energy and banging with a melodic tone.

Mark Verhaar


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  psy,psytrance,psychedelic,progressive,forest,night,full on,goa,minimal,hard,tech
hey all my friends. i'm not a prof dj, but i'm in psytrance since '93, my first contact with goa was an album of dragonfly records. it was very interresting for me, cause i've heard it on a goa party. so i started to collect psytrance music. for me, its important to bring you the best, trippiest and most psychedelic tunes, enjoy!

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 Been mixin for about 6 years now, at the moment i feeling Drum & Bass Jungle..........and some sick Dubstep.
Just like to say Big Up 2011 and that im gonna be pushin myself forward by uploading some some wicked little mixes on here!
let me know what you think


Ive recently started producing have made two remixes so far with the help of the mighty Paul-F two tracks on soundcloud More Commercial to what i play normally Give um a listen!!!!!



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 Dj Hadopi 




I' m Dj too...from France and I like all breaking sound......!!!!









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