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The regular DJ was Rob Janssen, who started experimenting on The Friday evening with the playing of the house music that was emerging in the Netherlands at the time. He was one of the first to mix the rhythms of a drum computer through his records. In this way he created his own sound, which became louder and louder. This new house style soon caught on with the public and the Friday nights attracted more and more audiences who came to Parkzicht from far outside Rotterdam. For example, Parkzicht became a house disco that sold out weekly. The house hit The beat is flown by DJ Rob and MC Joe was recorded in Parkzicht during this time. In 1993 the gabberhouse had become so popular that Parkzicht was too small for the many enthusiasts and large parties were organized in venues such as Ahoy and the Energiehal.

Live Tapes

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Doortapes 1991

Doortapes 1992

Doortapes 1993

The mixtapes were sold - every fortnight - at Parkzicht Night Club in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. These tapes are sequentially numbered, have common themes and artwork, but are also redesigned during the nineties. The titles of the mixtapes are not consistent. Some tapes state they are 'the original', indicating there are also fake tapes, but all tapes seem to be unofficial except for the live tapes made by (residential) DJ's.

The tapes were sold by bouncers, at cloackrooms or at the car park. You also bought them from Bokkie, stating: "met een tapie van bokkie gegarandeerd van je stokkie".

According to Ricky The Dragon/ Ricky Da Dragon, the 'real' Parkzicht tapes were live mixes by DJ Rob. You could buy them on request for fl. 25,-, but soon Rob and Ricky decided - by popular demand - to have copy decks in the DJ booth. With the money they bought new records. These tapes had no artwork. In this great story somebody mentions it.

Soon other people, like bouncers, saw the potential of selling this kind of tapes and a 'small industry' started.

Most early tapes are mixed by DJ Mad Morgan, but nobody knows who he is. Early artwork looks like it was made by Linia, but most likely Edda (8) counterfeited his drawings, although it looks like the name of Linia appears on Various - Parkzicht Presents: Real House. Edda (8) seems to be responsible for the overall design, including tracklists. His name is present on most of the tapes, although there was a very brief moment in 1992 when the design was done by Tony No Nose. In 1992 the tapes claim to be mixed in the Sound Abuse Studio Antwerpen.

The tapes claim to be made in Belgium. After a couple of productions with different names and logo's, like Music Man (2), Tisov Produkties or Smuggle Maffia, the tapes mostly use the name Under House Organisation. Probably the team behind the production. Before the summer of 1993 Under House Organisation is not printed on the tapes anymore. Once replaced by Fantazia (most likely counterfeiting this brand of favourite rave parties and tapes) and thereafter using "Enter another world with Rotterdam House", or simply using Rotterdam (Underground) House.

From 1993 on the tapes are not promoted as Parkzicht tapes anymore, but as Rotterdam Underground House. Probably to appeal to more people. Maybe even international, cause some claim that the same music was sold at different night clubs in Belgium/ Netherlands with different sleeves.

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